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Frequently Asked Questions

Collins Booksellers gift cards can be purchased in any of our stores or online at

To place a gift card order online please visit

Could you please provide me with some further information regarding the internet browser that you are currently using?

Please note that you will need to have third party cookies enabled in your internet browser in order to complete an order.
This can be updated in the ‘tools’ tab of your internet browser, normally under the internet settings / privacy options. If you are still having difficulties placing an order, perhaps try ordering via another internet browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Mailed Collins Booksellers gift cards are sent out on a gift card backing card with the Terms and Conditions.

Emailed gift cards are sent directly to the email address nominated by you. The emailed Gift Cards can be printed at home to redeem in store.

Yes, you can create a custom message up to 400 characters (including spaces). The message you create will appear on all gift cards in an order. For mailed gift cards the message will be printed on the greeting card carrier. For emailed gift cards the message will be displayed on the Digital Gift Card.

Collins Booksellers gives you the option to Mail a Gift Card or Email a Gift Card or both! All mailed deliveries are made via Standard Post to the nominated delivery address. No delivery fee will apply where Gift Cards are delivered by email.

Unfortunately, once an order is submitted online, it is unable to be cancelled.

Any card purchased in store can be loaded with any value between $5 and $500.

A Gift Card ordered online can be loaded with any value between $5 and $500.

Just be aware that Gift Cards cannot be reloaded or recharged with additional value.

Your information and online credit card transactions are transmitted through a secure server using Secure Socket Layering (SSL), encryption technology. You can identify this by looking at the URL address "https," the "s" indicates you are in a secure area employing SSL. Your browser may also give you a pop-up message that you're about to enter a secure area.

We do accept orders globally through our website, however Gift Cards will only be delivered to Australian addresses in Australian currency.

Payment can be made using your Credit Card, Visa Debit Card or Paypal. We do not accept cheque, cash or gift card payments for the purchase of Gift Cards online.

Gift Cards will be dispatched to your nominated delivery address(es) as specified in your Order. Delivery for mailed gift cards may take up to 10 Business Days from the date of payment confirmation. Delivery of emailed gift cards may take up to 24 hours from the time of payment.

Yes. You can order your gift cards and have the order delivered to any person and/or company nominated as the delivery recipient.

Gift Cards are only available for delivery within Australia.

A Digital Gift Card is a Collins Booksellers Gift Card that is delivered via an email. It works in the same way as plastic gift cards work today. You choose the amount and message. They'll receive your personalised email within 24 hours. The recipient can print the Digital Gift Card Gift Card to redeem in store.